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Inter community tournament between n-ice, BTPRO and Novapolis

This page shows results of tournament between 3 biggest OpenTTD communities played between 22nd September and 17th November 2013

Responsible admin stuff

Batt, alex879ro for N-ice
cxc, HSquishy for BTPro
The Dude for Novapolis

Game details

Tournament games details:


  • One game will be played on each side's server.
  • Each server can decide what settings and goal type to use.
  • Game length should be designed to be maximally 4 hours
  • Game settings will be announced in advance for each server
  • Each side will build a team
  • Team can consist of arbitrary number of players, but only 3 can play at one game. The others can spare in case somebody does not come or losts connection.
  • Any player can participate in one team only at whole tournament.
  • Scoring for each will be: 1 point for each 1% of goal, adjusted to winner score
  • Rule set for each game will be the same as for current community. Players will have to get familiar with each group rule set. They do not differ too much anyway
  • Game will be supervised by one admin from each community, who shall not play
  • If a moderator/admin will play, he will not be permitted to do any moderating/admin actions.


1 point for each 1%. In case of time based game, when a team achieves score higher than 100%, scores are adjusted to 100 points max.
For example:
1st ... 140%
2nd ... 110%
3rd ... 70%

will become x/(1st/100):
1st ... 100 points
2nd ... 79 points
3rd ... 50 points

Tournament Results

1st Game:

BTPro 22nd September 13:00 GMT, 14:00 GMT+1, 15:00 GMT+2 (CEST)

City Builder, Goal: 50,000 population, Download End savegame
  • BTpro: Gelidis, vGelder, NAB
  • N-ICE: Chucky, Geert, sumbooooodai
  • Novapolis: pawel, Shader, solo

2nd Game:

N-ICE 26th October 15:30 GMT

Company Value, Goal: 4 billions € + 900 performance, Download End savegame
Teams (substitutes in brackets)
  • BTpro: HSquishy, Gelidis, Cossack
  • N-ICE: Geert, Batt, Naz, (Constructor)
  • Novapolis: solo, darulezzz, martin, (Shader)

3rd Game:

Novapolis 17th November, 16:00 GMT

City Builder, 12 game years (2h45m approximatelly), Download End savegame , Game progress graph
  • BTpro: vGelder, Gelidis, NaB
  • N-ICE: Batt, Kwissy, Geert, (The_Dude)
  • Novapolis: solo, martin, pawel, (da)

Rank Team Points Sum BTPro City Builder 50k N-ice Company Value 4 bln € Novapolis City Builder 100k
Score Points Score Points Score Points
#1 Novapolis 300 49,913 100 3,906 M € [98%] 100 95,163 [100%] 100
#2 BTpro 231 44,100 88 3,085 M € [81%] 83 57,237 [60%] 60
#3 n-ice 150 12,997 26 3,142 M € [88%] 90 32,001 [34%] 34