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Welcome to Novapolis OpenTTD servers, brought to you by Goulp Development Team.
Novapolis is the successor of the former Luukland's servers, best OpenTTD servers of their era

Currently Novapolis OpenTTD games have ended.

We have run several patched OpenTTD servers where you could play:
Quests - Six hour game where you can try beating various tasks
Goals - Three hour games with goals like Company Value, Annual Turnover and more
City Builder - Three hours game of intense citybuilding
Blitz City Builder - One hour game of even more intense citybuilding

Game statistics were gathered from ingame and shown on website
Introductory guidelines for Novapolis Servers are the Rules and FAQ with basics.

The calm before storm

14.11.2012 23:41

On 15th November we will be performing server maintenance. Games will be launched before midnight at the latest.

The Dude

Mass Crash

11.11.2012 22:04

Our apologies for spoiled games because of mass crash, today at 21:04. Problem, which was IRC related, was hopefully fixed and it will not ever again interrupt your games.

The Dude

Map Domination Goal

03.11.2012 18:13

After some thought we added new goal for Goal server III, the map domination, where the target is to transport the biggest share of map resources. Enjoy.

The Dude

New Coat

01.11.2012 12:08


new version of openttd came out. Expect swiftly update to 1.2.3 and get yourself a new client: OpenTTD 1.2.3 .

The Dude

A pound of Pounds

30.10.2012 20:56

Hello there,

Ever wondered how much is a pound of Pounds (£)? Definitely more then pound of dollars, but perhaps more than pound of gold.

New web feature added. If you now try dragging your mouse pointer over the server name of the headline server table, it will display cool details about the current game!!! (under condition there are some valid companies in game)


The Dude