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Welcome to Novapolis OpenTTD servers, brought to you by Goulp Development Team.
Novapolis is the successor of the former Luukland's servers, best OpenTTD servers of their era

Currently Novapolis OpenTTD games have ended.

We have run several patched OpenTTD servers where you could play:
Quests - Six hour game where you can try beating various tasks
Goals - Three hour games with goals like Company Value, Annual Turnover and more
City Builder - Three hours game of intense citybuilding
Blitz City Builder - One hour game of even more intense citybuilding

Game statistics were gathered from ingame and shown on website
Introductory guidelines for Novapolis Servers are the Rules and FAQ with basics.

Novapolis announces imminent closure

22.02.2013 22:22


it seems that our development ran into red numbers and practically stopped because of lack of time and bankruptcy could occur next quater.

That would be 1st April and as it will be most probably release day of new 1.3.0 branch, we just might not update our server to it. But we will not close servers either, as it is running without any effort crashlessly for several weeks now.

The Dude

Transport company in trouble

05.02.2013 18:46

Everything is almost peaches and gravy now. Server maintenance time shrinked to zero (no crash nor admin intereference in last 3 weeks) but so does the development. As Goulp is now basically two very busy people, we are not really able to produce more interesting news into gameplay. Also with quite extinguished comunity after Luukland to Novapolis company transformation we found ourselves on status quo basis.

Hopefully a change of wind will happen before new OpenTTD branch release, otherwise the future is certainly unclear.

The Dude

WIKI missile launched

06.01.2013 20:16

This week we launched new WIKI (the old one is probably lost) to explain some of our server basics there.

Feel free to contribute to it!

The Dude

Christmas holiday

23.12.2012 00:00

Happy Christmas to all!

As Christmas are time to be with your loved ones, we shall turn off the servers for this year holiday from 24th to 26th December.

The Dude

Special event

19.12.2012 14:51

Special event page opened.

The Dude