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Welcome to Novapolis OpenTTD servers, brought to you by Goulp Development Team.
Novapolis is the successor of the former Luukland's servers, best OpenTTD servers of their era

Currently Novapolis OpenTTD games have ended.

We have run several patched OpenTTD servers where you could play:
Quests - Six hour game where you can try beating various tasks
Goals - Three hour games with goals like Company Value, Annual Turnover and more
City Builder - Three hours game of intense citybuilding
Blitz City Builder - One hour game of even more intense citybuilding

Game statistics were gathered from ingame and shown on website
Introductory guidelines for Novapolis Servers are the Rules and FAQ with basics.

Fresh news

20.04.2013 00:00

Hello, things do not go as smooth as expected. Anyway, on Monday we will start installing new Novapolis on whatever server we will be able to aquire from few possibilities we were given. We will probably pay first month from our sources. Donations will be open together with starting new server, which will run until the donations run dry.

The Dude

Progress so far

14.04.2013 00:00

We are still verifying possibility or borrowing a free server from some Novapolis friends. If that would not succed in following days, we shall likely move to rent some server from a hosting company and collectiong donations. Currently we are registering about 200 € promised money, that would cover server for almost 7 months, which is great for that start.

Also, I would suggest to post messages on our forum if you would like others to see it ;-)

The Dude

Project revival news

11.04.2013 00:00

Hello, some of our faithful community members offered to help us start new server so we might continue after all.

One option and probably the best would be to buy our own server dedicated only (so more performance than before) to openttd (novapolis aka luukland style), whose only setback is to get a funds from community.

Such server would cost 30 € per month, so total 360 € per year.

So here is our offer, if you want your favorite OpenTTD server back and help us to do it, stop by our IRC channel at #novapolis.chat (irc.novapolis.net:6667) and say there in channel how much are you willing to donate. We keep logs so we can read it later, if you dont catch us there personally.

Once we gather some money to run server for 2 or 3 months, we open donate button and once the money arrive for this time perioed we pay for new server and setup a game. Once this is done, we open donate button again to continuously gather needed funds. The amount gathered will be shown on the website.

Other available option would be to borrow server from generous players wh owns some, which would be quite free, but with less performance.

The Dude


10.04.2013 00:00

Our current status is very low. Main server was shut off by hosting company because Fugas have not paid for it and furthermore he have not informed us about it to do some back up, so we almost certainly lost several weeks of database records and whole wiki again.

Currently we do not have resources and people to move somewhere else. Novapolis will be most likely closed for some time to further appeal.

You can still stop by our IRC channel if you can catch us there.

Novapolis team

The Dude

Novapolis lost

06.04.2013 22:28

Today Novapolis main server was disconnected due to some billing problem. We will inform you in following days about our future. We all should prepare for a possibillity, that there will be no future though.

The Dude