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Welcome to Novapolis OpenTTD servers, brought to you by Goulp Development Team.
Novapolis is the successor of the former Luukland's servers, best OpenTTD servers of their era

Currently Novapolis OpenTTD games have ended.

We have run several patched OpenTTD servers where you could play:
Quests - Six hour game where you can try beating various tasks
Goals - Three hour games with goals like Company Value, Annual Turnover and more
City Builder - Three hours game of intense citybuilding
Blitz City Builder - One hour game of even more intense citybuilding

Game statistics were gathered from ingame and shown on website
Introductory guidelines for Novapolis Servers are the Rules and FAQ with basics.

Jubilation ahead

25.09.2013 23:55

Only 6 days to the anniversary super sweet special event.

Do not linger with signing up! Some game features will be altered with NewGRF in such a way, that it will make it an unique challenge you could not meet on any other server around.

Prepare for anything!

The Dude

1st Tournament game is over

22.09.2013 19:13

1st Tournament game between BTPro, N-ICE and Novapolis is over and it was a great event to see.

Congratulation to all three teams, who showed the best, and encore to Novapolis team who won.

The BTPro team had an excellent start, leaving the other two dramatically far behind, but Novapolis team catched up later when the town requirements became very high and closely reached the goal.

You can check results and details at Tournament page, where savegame is also available.

2nd game will be Company Value goal on N-ICE. Game date and details will be announced during next week, the game should be played somewhere during next 3 weeks. Last 3rd game of tournament at Novapolis will then follow also in few weeks.

The Dude

Client CB update

18.09.2013 21:32


take heed and listen. We merged part of city builder patched client into our public patched client and you can enjoy the extended City Builder gui now.

This CB button will lead you to the beatiful town cargo delivery window, which may prove useful in city builder game. This window is of course available only on our city builder servers.

The Dude

Finally Friday

13.09.2013 22:56


hear/read some news:

1. Novapolis client updated (some new hotkeys)

2. Novapolis 1st year event info updated (no new hotkeys)

The Dude

Server details

09.09.2013 20:14

Introducing new page - Server details.

Info menu item was changed to Servers, which shows detailed status of all servers (you can have the same view if you hover over the server name of the header table).

The rest of Info's items stays under Servers now.

The Dude