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About us

Goulp Development Team proudly presents

Novapolis OpenTTD Servers

Former OpenTTD servers with City builder and other various goals!

Main Developers and Admins
cz The_Dude
fr Muxy

And of course all the other donators and contributers who helped us a lot!
©novapolis.net 2012 - 2024

Brief history of Novapolis

Novapolis started in September 2012 with the rest of survived members of Goulp Development Team, namely Muxy, Fugas and The Dude.

Novapolis continues the City Builder experience set by former Luukland's servers, which were closed due to Luukland's decision to retire from running the OpenTTD servers

Fugas suggested to continue under another brand, and Muxy and The Dude gladly agreed, so we started new domain (novapolis.net) and setup servers with the same patch. Muxy and The Dude made some improvements to the code, increasing stability and performance and added some new features.

In December 2012 ECS and FIRS Citybuilder were launched on another machine connected to main frame via mysql tunnel.

In April 2013 our main server was shutdown because our former hosting guy have not paid to the hosting company and forgot to tell us, so we could not make preparations and we lost four months of database records. This will not happen nextime as we have learned from this mistake and now we backup our data correctly and copy them to some external safe places.

During Autumn 2013 Novapolis took part in big 3 communities tournament with BTPro and N-ICE.

In October 2013 we launched another version of City Builder based on OpentTD squirrel game scripts to add some variety to our servers.

In April 2014 our most faithful player Saber donated us large sum of money which we partially used to upgrade server.

In February 2015 we had to stop several games, because the free rent of secondary server has ended.

In 20th May 2015 the Novapolis servers has ended running OpenTTD games with the expiring of the paid lease of hosting server. The Dude decided to stop administrating and Novapolis as OpenTTD servers has stopped.
Darulez and dp expressed interest of continuing with running Novapolis/Luukland server style, so they started to work on new servers and negotiations of transfer were started.

On 9th June 2015, Citymania servers were started, the official succesor of Luukland and Novapolis. You can found it at citymania.org

On 1st October 2015 the server side patch was released to public.